Bulbs are Growing as Are the Weeds


Here is a typical Purple Stripe bulb as of April 27th.  Most have very thick stems (around an inch in diameter) with the plants stretched out to 35 inches tall.  We are about 4-5 weeks from harvest.


Since the beds are covered in paper and compost the weeds aren’t much of an issue among the garlic plants.  The paths between the rows are another matter.  Here is John weed-whacking the paths.  This not only limits the weeds creeping into the beds it also makes life difficult for beetles and other insects that need weed cover to flourish.  The Guinea Fowl patrol these mowed paths and gobble up unsuspecting bugs that produce crop damaging larva (wireworm for instance).

Right now we are spending several hours a days trimming the 40 odd paths, most about 300 feet long.

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