Mid-Winter Photos


With just a few days left in January our Purple Stripe Turbans have 5-6 leaves well along and stretch over one foot high.  The winter has caused a few leaf tips to brown but if the mild weather continues they should fill out nicely over the next 4 months.  Optimistically we might make it to market by the end of May, something we haven’t been able to do over the past two years given the freezing temperatures and abnormal snow falls.


This bed has two varieties.  The taller plants on the left are the early Tibetan purple stripes.  They are only a week or two behind the Turbans but will remain at least a month ahead of our rocamboles (Salt Springs, Red Russians and assorted other minor sub-varieties).

John has to bend over a lot farther to measures these slow growing rocs.  Hard to believe they will explode in the warmer spring sun and race past the purples.  Although they are a July harvest, they attain much greater size, both in the overall plant size and bulb dimensions.

We will be following along with more pics and some videos so you can monitor the entire life-cycle from planting to market on all 5 our this year’s varieties. Stay tuned!

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