Planting Time has Begun


Summer’s end marks the start of our planting season.  This fall we are planting 25,000 purple stripe and a few short rows of other early hardnecks we are playing around with (Portugese Purples and the Salt Spring Island variety.)

After hours of weeding in previous years we decided to try landscape fabric on our raised beds.  John is finishing off throwing soil on the sides to help hold the fabric down in our winter storms.  These rows have 15,000 slits cut into them allowing for perfect spacing.

This fall we are being very picky over which cloves we use as seed.  The hope is we have our best and most consistent sized garlic ever.

More pics to follow as we will take about 2 weeks to get everything in the ground.  We also hope the fabric keeps the roots warmer this winter as we expect it to be a cold and snowy one.  Good luck with your planting!

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