What we Sell

20150616_151629We sell two types of hardneck garlic this year.  One is the popular purple stripe (known by most people as Russian) and the slightly larger Porcelain.

We sell both at $2.00 per bulb or 3 for $5.00.  That works out to approximately $10.00 a pound.  We only sell our largest bulbs (all over 2″ in diameter, some over 3″) as the largest bulbs make poor seed garlic.  Despite many reports to the contrary, the best seed garlic is the smaller and younger bulb produced in the third year of our cultivation process.

We sold out of seed garlic in 2015 by the end of July but again, we will have much more coming on stream next year.  Growers need to contact us early next year to reserve seed garlic.  You can message us through this website.

October 2015 Update:  We have finished planting for next summer.  We have nearly 40,000 garlic planted with more than half being the early purples.  We expect to bring them to local farmer’s market by early June.  The porcelains will come about a month later.  Our large onions will get started this winter and we hope to have 3 large sweet onions varieties available when the garlic season hits.  Watch this website in May for more info on when and where we will be selling.

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